You’re in your first year of business

you’re figuring out who you serve and how to put it into the world

You’d like to help everyone by doing what you do, and you’re finding that by trying to help everyone, you are losing the passion for doing the work.  You’re taking on every client that comes your way because it’s how you’re paying the bills right now.

You’d like to turn this business into something that generates profit, supports yourself and your family, all while enabling you to live the lifestyle you went into business to achieve in the first place.

But at the moment, that seems so far away.
You’re currently spending your time Googling everything, learning as much as you can about online business models, pricing, structuring your offerings, and then there’s the technical side of websites and social media to contend with as well.

It all seems very overwhelming.  I can empathise completely.

I can help you escape the overwhelm and make real progress

Let’s start with the basics.

I’ve curated a selection of my blog posts that cover the basics of why you should have your own domain name, what you should know about hosting, what you might want to know about working with a web designer and why I choose to use WordPress to build websites.

To get an understanding of what you’d need to know when thinking about your business and website, click on one of the images.

Your next step

Here’s what you do next:

Book a call with me, and I can help you take the most productive steps forward, that are right for you and your business.

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