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These solutions take into account where you are in your business journey, and give you what you need for right now.

I can anticipate what your business needs are, and can help you get to your next level.

Online Stores

I build beautiful online stores that work seamlessly to help you focus on selling and marketing your products.

I handle the details and the tech so that you can take it off your always-expanding to-do list. 

Website Design

I build beautiful websites that help you connect with your ideal clients, and bring them closer to you. 

My work helps you show up with confidence online and share value with your audience.


My ideal clients are entrepreneurs and business owners who have built a business doing what they love and working on projects that bring them joy.

Past (and present) clients include:

Elizabeth Campbell

Willow Tucker: The Willow Tucker Creative Studio

Wedding, Lifestyle & Branding Photographer and graphic designer in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

New website build & Search Engine Optimisation

Willow Tucker Creative Studio

Elizabeth Campbell

Kelly van der Walt: The Healthy Process

Health, Wellness, Lifestyle and Mom Blogger in Cape Town, South Africa

Branding design, New website design & Search Engine Optimisation

The Healthy Process

Elizabeth Campbell

The Spacious Tarot

Online Tarot Card Store, Utah, USA

New website design, Online shop build & Search Engine Optimisation

The Spacious Tarot

Elizabeth Campbell

Paula Jones: It’s Me, Paula

Business Coach, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

New website design & Search Engine Optimisation

It’s Me, Paula

Elizabeth Campbell

The Planet Perspective

Informational Blog and Directory Website

Logo design & brand development, New website design & Search Engine Optimisation

The Planet Perspective

Art of Living Retreat Center

de Klerks in Deutschland

Blog-based Website

Logo & branding design, new website design, website copywriting, blog writing, photography & Search Engine Optimisation

de Klerks in Deutschland

Elizabeth Campbell

Ray Truter Photography

Wedding & Architectural Photographer, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Website design, Website copywriting & Search Engine Optimisation

Ray Truter Photography

Elizabeth Campbell

Gerda Crouse Photography

Photographer in the Eastern Cape

New website design, Website copywriting & Search Engine Optimisation

Gerda Crouse Photography


Wellsome by Jema Lee

Health and Wellness Coach, Gold Coast, Australia

New website design, Website copywriting, Copy proofreading & editing & Search Engine Optimisation


Art of Living Retreat Center

Vicky Porter: Kiekie Communication

Photography and Social Media Marketing

New website design & Search Engine Optimisation

Kiekie Communication

Elizabeth Campbell

Jacqui Holmes: Classy Glass Art Studio

Stained Glass Art Studio

New website design & Search Engine Optimisation

Classy Glass Art Studio

Elizabeth Campbell

Keryn House: Houseway Consulting

Marketing for Independent Schools & Education Institutions

New website design & Search Engine Optimisation

Houseway Consulting

Elizabeth Campbell

Vanguard Fire & Safety

Fire & Safety Equipment and Apparel

New website design & Search Engine Optimisation

Vanguard Fire & Safety

Art of Living Retreat Center

Sharon Schneider

Blogger, supporting moms on their parenting journeys

New website design & Search Engine Optimisation

Sharon Schneider

Art of Living Retreat Center

Julie Rathbone:
Qualitative Quarter

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Company

New website design & Search Engine Optimisation

Qualitative Quarter

Here are some of the fantastic people who love what I’ve done for them.

Melissa helped me tremendously with my sales pages (in Spanish and English!). She understood my needs and put them into design, all of it so quickly and efficient! She was very open during the process, answering all my doubt and questions, and listening to my suggestions. I’m very grateful to have contacted her and I would recommend her services any time!

Gabriela Encina

Gabriela Encina: Psychologist | Expat Coach

You are extraordinarily talented, you built my site in less than a week. I mean goodness, I gave you flat designs on COB Wednesday and by Friday my site was done!

You’re amazing and so talented, you are an incredible problem solver, nothing was a “no”, it was a “let me research it”. Which is such an incredible way of looking at things. You also always added in your own touch, which I love! You added in so much extra, that didn’t go by unnoticed, like the SEO, the extra copy and you pushed the design to become the magnificent beast that it is today.

Thank you so much for the time, effort, skill and talent you poured into my small business. It warms my heart to know that there are good people like you, good people with passion, drive, skill and talent who can whip up a beautiful site in less than a week, with only a smile, positive attitude and confidence in your ability.

You are incredible. You are talented. You are beautiful.

And I am so thankful, I really cannot express my gratitude and thanks properly. I get all finger tied.


Willow Tucker

Founder & Director, The Willow Tucker Creative Studio

Working with Melissa was a dream! She always communicated clearly what she needed from me, and advised me on what would work best on my site. I really appreciate her attention to detail, often picking up things that I had overlooked. She was also a huge help in setting up my website policies, as I had no clue where to start! Thank you, Melissa!

Paula Jones

Owner & Founder, It's Me, Paula

There is no doubting Melissa’s talented creative enthusiasm. This combined with a focused, entrepreneurial outlook to her craft is why we utilise her specialist skills which have become an integrated component of our marketing strategy.

Melissa displays a flair for design which is aligned to an informed understanding of our business environment and target market. Always being ready to make suggestions and being open to alternative ideas adds value to our engagement.

Melissa brings an element of commercial professionalism sometimes lacking in the creative space in meeting deadline commitments and staying within budget guidelines.

With her energetic and insightful approach to assignments we look forward to continuing our productive and rewarding relationship.

Stuart Wood

Director, Vanguard Fire & Safety Cape

I needed a good website that would attract clientele and better indicate our expertise.

You are warm, bright, and go the extra mile to understand the discipline and problems at hand.

I looove my new brand direction. It encapsulates me as a person, my passion for the work I do and the ethics of our business.

Loved the pace we set, each recognising and respecting the other’s schedules, loved your energy, enthusiasm, passion and determination to grasp me and my brand

Julie Rathbone

Owner, Qualitative Quarter

I love working with Mel.  She just gets it, does everything right and has helped me grow my profile and business exponentially.

Elizabeth Campbell

EC Writing Services

I was struggling with my sidebar, website security (the “https” stuff), and how to organize my blog categories.  You explained to me until you were sure I understood everything.  You were very supportive, plus, having you on a call talking to me while I took notes was amazing.  Now I have all the information plus tools I need to move forward with my website.  It felt fantastic to get all your answers in just one call.

It was amazing that I could explain my needs to you, and you had answers to my questions. Very energetic and professional person to work with.

Zoé Rodz

Chef Zoé Rodz

Consistently thoughtful and creative.  We appreciate the consideration Melissa has brought to every project.

Andrew Keaveney

Art of Living Retreat Center, Boone, North Carolina

We are so pleased we made the decision to work with Melissa!

When I initially reached out to her, I was overwhelmed as we approached a big product launch. Getting our website and online shop in order was a priority, and at first I thought I could do it myself. But I quickly realized I had enough to do without adding such a big task to my plate!

Choosing to work with Melissa gave us so much peace of mind. She was helpful, friendly and responsive from our first conversation right up until launch day. We were able to rest assured that our website was in good hands, and this gave us the ability to focus on other aspects of the business.

Thanks to Melissa’s talents and dedication, our website came together beautifully and our customers were able to have a great experience when we launched our product.

Carrie Mallon & Annie Ruygt

Creators, The Spacious Tarot

I’m an action taker. When ideas come to me, I need to get them from paper into reality as soon as possible. Don’t like waiting. Don’t like frustration. Of course, that’s almost impossible to avoid when you have an online business.

When I realised that people needed to have a taste of what I do before they buy from me it suddenly hit me! I needed to put out a freebie ASAP. So I had 2 choices: invest my precious time in learning the tech behind it or invest in someone to do it for me. It was a no brainer. I called Melissa.

She stepped in and I immediately felt relief. She was patient, understanding and a great collaborator (I hate thinking that I hire people, I’m more of a let’s work together and that’s exactly how Melissa is). She knew exactly how to solve all little issues that come with integrating websites and emails and all the words that I dislike.

Plus, and trust me, being a learning designer this is the biggest reason why I work with her, I learned along the way! So now not only do I have everything set up to share my freebie with everyone, I also understand how the systems work and it doesn’t scare me anymore. I feel empowered to handle the behind-the-scenes tech and take care of that side of my business (though, let’s be honest, I’ll keep working with Melissa cause she rocks).

Mariana Peña

Mariana Peña

I needed a beautiful online presence that was user friendly and interactive. You have been so patient and so helpful… and I have learnt so much from you during the process! 

You are a strategic thinker (not just a window dresser), you are patient, you give sound advice and hold yourself to high ethical standards. The fact that you are super witty and entertaining is an added bonus.

I am so proud to be able to fluff my online feathers!!!

Vicky Du Toit

Owner, Kiekie Communication

I enjoyed Melissa’s approach. There was a clear process, but that structure created a framework for the design. It especially facilitated the story around the business and the visuals that made it come alive.

I am constantly learning more from working with Melissa. Websites are evolving and she uses video tutorials that are easy to apply. I am especially happy with the way the platforms are now working together across the website, blog and social media

Melissa took what was a big, important goal for me and helped to achieve that really well, and on time. She did this through a structured approach, bringing my business ethos and offering to life in the site.

Keryn House

Owner, Houseway Consulting

I was about to spend a lot of money on a premium Wix subscription.  You pointed me in the right direction and saved me a pretty penny.  I now host my website for less than ZAR50 per month.  Your passion for helping others is evident.

Maverick Coltman

Blogger: "Life After 8-5"

It has been a great pleasure having you do our site and we are very happy with the results!

The content is amazing and you have done an amazing job.

Thank you very much.

John d'Oliveira & Steven Kelly

Wild World Tours

Melissa added content to my website when I didn’t have the time to work out how to do it.  She did the work I needed her to do and she provided advice on some aspects where I was unsure on which direction to go.  I am relieved that the website is finished.  You were efficient, friendly and worked outside business hours to meet my deadline.  Thank you!

Malini Devadas

MD Writing and Editing

I needed to take my website up a notch and install an online store, I also needed some serious help with my SEO.

Melissa created solutions to fit my needs and current set up, explained it all in easy to understand English (not web jargon) and your down to earth approach made it easy for me to understand it all.

I am excited to see my brand go to the next level and grow into the industry with enormous success.

Kim van Vuuren

Asherlove Felt

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