This disclaimer functions to remove Fox & Owl Media, its employees and associates from any responsibility for damages to your website, business, social media accounts, or any digital or physical properties, either as a direct or indirect result of our dealings with you.

Please read the information below.  We value every single client and this information is for the protection of both parties.

General Ethics & Business Etiquette

No two clients are the same, and thus every client has different and unique needs.  We advise clients on a case-by-case basis and implement the strategies we feel are necessary based on experience and information.  No solution is “cut-and-paste”, so what works for one client may not necessarily work for another client.

We always discuss our suggestions and ideas with our clients before implementing them.  We like to know that our clients have agreed to the work to be done.  The client reserves the right not to implement any or all of the suggestions we make.  We then cannot guarantee the successful outcome of a project.

We inform and advise our clients to the best of our abilities and knowledge.  Melissa consistently reads up on industry standards, best practices and trends.  She also keeps herself skilled in as many areas of the business as she can – including using new software, services and products related to the business.  Fox & Owl Media pays for all the services, systems and products stated in any and all blog posts, and we only write about services we use and believe in.

Admin fees & cancellations

We reserve the right to charge a €20 cancellation and admin fee.  It costs to send funds back through money transfer systems, and this is not the responsibility of Fox & Owl Media or Melissa de Klerk to cover these fees.  Please allow 2 business days to process refunds.  Additionally, the financial services we use take approximately 2-3 working days before the funds return to your account.  We are not responsible for any delay encountered with financial transaction services.

Information & Privacy

Your information and privacy is important to us, and we value the trust that you have placed in us to do our work.  Any and all information we collect to be able to complete our work is never shared with any company or third party.  We will never sell your information or pass it along.  We keep a copy of the login details of any accounts we create on your behalf.  We also provide you with a copy so that you are able to log into those accounts and monitor activity as often as you like.  Should you change the password and login details to these accounts without informing Fox & Owl Media (and without informing us of the new login details), we assume that you no longer wish to make use of our services.  That’s fine – no hard feelings.

We would appreciate that you keep your dealings with us private and not inform your friends, family, colleagues or network of the exact details of the services we provide for you.  We respect your privacy enough not to discuss the work we do for you with any of our other clients.  You are also not allowed to discuss the fees of our services with your friends, family, colleagues or network.  Because we do not provide exactly the same service to every single client, no quote or proposal will be exactly the same.  Basically, we don’t want you telling your friends that we manage your website for a certain fee, and your friend comes to us with a RFQ for social media management and expect to pay the same fee.  Sorry, we do not work like that.


On websites that we design, we include a little link to our website at the bottom of your pages.  It will say “Designed by Fox & Owl Media” and will be hyperlinked to our website.  Please do not remove this.  We are proud of the work we do and like to put our stamp on it.  Don’t worry, it won’t get in your way and won’t get in the way of your visitors’ website experience.

When we build a website, part of the contract you sign with us is for monthly maintenance.  Your website is no use to you if it breaks.  We help to make sure that it works perfectly and stays beautiful.  Think of your website like a car.  A car needs a yearly service to keep it running optimally, and you rely on professionals to service the vehicle.  Websites need monthly maintenance and we are the professionals to manage that process.

Should you wish to dispense with our maintenance service, this is entirely your choice and you are free to do so.  We then request that you sign a document removing us from all accountability.  We then take absolutely no responsibility should any unfortunate incident occur with your website from that date forward.  Should you wish to work on your website yourself, you are entitled to do so.  Should anything go wrong with your website while you are working on it, we are entitled to charge you an hourly fee to analyse the errors and fix them.

We are not responsible for interruptions in hosting service.  The hosting provider’s servers are not under our control.  If your website goes offline and you are on a monthly maintenance plan with us, we will contact the hosting provider to ascertain the problem.  If your website goes offline and you are not on a monthly maintenance plan with us, the responsibility lies with you to contact the hosting provider.

I’m not responsible for misunderstandings and will not become involved in legal action between you and your clients based on the content of the websites I design and build.  I write website copy based on information provided to me by my clients and am not responsible for misrepresenting you or your company through the website copy.  I am thorough and ask the questions I need to ask so that I am clear on the information and can edit the copy (and write the copy) to explain your business and work clearly to prospective customers and clients.  I request that all parties in the company approve the information supplied to me before I receive it.  I also request that all parties in the company approve the website text before the website is published and advertised to the company’s clients and prospective clients.

Scope Creep

During discussions in the briefing stage of a project, we request that all information regarding required services is provided to us.  We create a brief and we quote according to this brief, so it is vital that the brief and scope of the project are finalised before the quote is created.  Once the quote is accepted, a signed copy of the quote is required for our records – this confirms the scope of the project.

Should extra work be required during the project, a separate brief and quote will be created.  We also require these documents to be signed for our records.  We will not commence any work that has not been accepted and the quote signed off by the client.

We do not enjoy scope creep – this is when a project’s scope increases during the project.  It is stressful for us and unkind to your project budget.  We would thus appreciate it if you have a big-picture goal for the project while we are in the initial discussion phase.  We are able to offer a number of services, and we would like to solve as many of your problems as possible – so if you are in any doubt as to whether we offer a particular service as part of our package, please ask.

Feedback & Testimonials

Once we have rendered services, we reserve the right to ask for testimonials and client feedback.  By providing us with feedback, you give us permission to use this on our website.  Your full name will not be used, but your first name and first letter of your surname will be used, and we may also include a link to your company’s website and/or social media profile(s).

Fees & Payment

We require a 50% deposit of the final quoted amount before any work commences on a project.  Depending on the size of the project, we reserve the right to request a 25% payment during the course of the project.  Final payment is due within 30 days of sign-off of the work product.  Failing to pay within 30 days will lead to you being submitted to debt collection procedures.

A final payment confirms that you are happy with the work product and no further work is needed on the on the project.  Should there be any further work required to modify a product, we reserve the right to quote for the work to be done.  Should anything go wrong with the product we have delivered, please let us know within 30 days – we are happy to fix the problem if it was caused due to our negligence.  If the problem is with your website, please read our “Websites” section above.

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