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How Outsourcing Saved my Business

I have long understood on a theoretical level the value of outsourcing.  Until recently, I hadn’t been able to appreciate the practical value for my business. I didn’t want to outsource anything at the start of my business.  This was mostly because I didn’t have...

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What is The Fempreneur Collective?

I’ve been talking about The Fempreneur Collective (a.k.a TFC) on social media and sharing bits of information here and there.  So, today I’m giving you a proper introduction to the TFC and sharing more about the project I’m so fortunate to have been working on for the...

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What are WordPress Plugins?

In this post, I’ll cover what you need to know about WordPress plugins and things to be cautious of when adding them to your website.   Plugin Basics A plugin is a piece of software (free or paid) that you install on your WordPress-based website to add to the...

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Website Hosting 101

There are many hosting providers in the world, and you have a huge choice when setting up your website.  I use WebAfrica because their fees are reasonable, their client onboarding process is clear, and their customer support team is excellent.  This is not a sponsored...

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Website Redesign – Part 2: Overall Events

Last week, I wrote a post sharing images of the Overall Events website before I worked on the site's redesign.  In today's post, I'm sharing images of what the site looks like now that the project is complete. I wanted the logo to be more than "just a logo" or a...

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