Last week, I wrote a post sharing images of the Overall Events website before I worked on the site’s redesign.  In today’s post, I’m sharing images of what the site looks like now that the project is complete.

I wanted the logo to be more than “just a logo” or a header on the page.  The company has a strong brand colour palette, and I used it to inform the colour scheme of the site.  I used the bright pink, blue and orange sparingly on each page to create statement areas.  On the old site, pink was used in the navigation menu but in in very few other places.

Overall Events’ logo is below, and next to it is the colour palette I created.  I added a soft grey into the mix because I wanted a subtle background colour for certain areas of the site.  This helps to sub-divide areas of a page, which is necessary when different types of information are present on one page.

Overall Events logo

Overall Events brand colour palette

Now, onto the website discussion

At the top of each page is the narrow blue bar that displays the phone number and email address, and underneath that is the logo and menu bar.  I’ve cropped that out on some of the images of the pages to show more of the site’s content.

At the bottom of each page is the orange Call to Action bar that nudges site visitors to contact the company, and includes a “contact us” button.  This makes the gap between visiting the site and contacting the company a smaller step for for site visitors to make.  I’ve also cropped out the Call to Action bar on most of the images here to prevent repetition.


Overall Events Home page

On the Home page, I included images from events that Overall Events has organised in the past.  Showing photographs of what the company does helps to demonstrate their style and skills.  I also split the copy into the company’s three selling points to explain more about their service.

I’ve included testimonials from happy clients because social proof is an excellent way to improve credibility.  The company is associated with the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber and the Businesswoman’s Association of South Africa, and I wanted to include the logos of those organisations as a way to further enhance the image of Overall Events.  Then as mentioned before, at the bottom of the page is the orange Call to Action bar.


Overall Events Team page

The Team page I felt was lacking on the old site, so I wrote copy about the business based on information provided to me.  I then also included a section to introduce the members of staff.


Home page

Team page

Overall Events Services Page

I kept the Services page copy in bullet point format to allow for easy reading.  But to differentiate it from the old site, I categorised the services into 4 groups and made the information more aesthetically pleasing by featuring photographs from their events gallery.

Underneath this information, I included logo images of a selection of their client roster.  This also creates social proof by doing a little bit of light bragging about the companies they work with.


Overall Events Gallery Page

I changed up the Gallery page completely from the old design.  They have some lovely photographs and I wanted to show them off by using the full screen space.  The first image is the main Gallery page, and the other 3 images are an example of the sub-galleries I created to house images from the different events.

The main Gallery page acts as a “catalogue” of all their events, and clicking one image reveals the sub-gallery page that displays all the photographs from the event.  At the bottom of each sub-gallery page, I included a bright pink bar that allows site visitors to navigate back to the main Gallery page.



Services page

Gallery page, including 3 shots of a sub-page

Overall Events Blog Page

The Blog page serves as a feed of published posts that Claire (co-owner of Overall Events) writes and publishes.  This page also displays the company’s Facebook and Twitter feeds in the right-hand sidebar.  I also believe in including a short biography of the blog author, so that’s in the right-hand sidebar as well.

The company’s previous website didn’t have a blog, so I included training on using the blog and the website’s back-end as part of my service.


Overall Events Contact Page

The Contact page on the old website didn’t include a contact form, which I wanted to rectify with the new design.  I also included a photograph of some of the team members to make the page feel more personal and to make site visitors feel more connected to the company’s staff members.

Blog page

Claire from Overall Events is pleased with the results and she says that she feels more confident to send potential clients to her website as it contains clear calls to action and represents more of the brand personality.

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