Earlier this year I was contracted to redesign the website for Overall Events.  This woman-owned business is a Port Elizabeth based company specialising in event design and stakeholder relations.

To appreciate the transformation, I saved screengrabs of what the website looked like before the redesign.  Below is a page-by-page breakdown of what the site looked like before I started the project.

Let’s discuss what’s working and what’s not working on this site.


What’s working

The navigation is clear.  It’s easy to find the information you would be looking for.  The use of the pink accent colour is eye-catching.  There’s a gallery up on the site.  The social feed is also present on the site.


What’s not working

The site is not device responsive.  There’s no contact form.  The text and all the content is centered down the middle.  The copy doesn’t share much information, and mostly consists of bulleted lists.

Home page

About page

The Home page doesn’t immediately tell the visitor what the business does and why they’re great at it.

The Team page tells the audience briefly what the business does, but it doesn’t share much about the business’ team members.

Services page

Clients page

The Services page displays a bulleted list of the services the company offers in various categories.  There’s also an image at the bottom of the page without much context around it.

The clients page consists of logos arranged down the centre of the page.  I like the way they have been neatly and symmetrically arranged.

Gallery & social feed page

Contact page

The Story page consists of photographs from events.  Overall Events does excellent work, and the pity about the old site was that they were unable to update the gallery page with photographs from recent events.  The Facebook feed looked like it was placed there for the sake of including the feed on the site.

The Contact page didn’t have a contact form on it, which means that site visitors have to jump through the extra hoop of opening their email programme to be able to email you.


More on the Redesign

In the next blog post, I’m going to chat about the design of the new website.  I’ll be doing a page-by-page walkthrough and discussing what I did to improve the website.

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