A few months back, I came across Emma from Fresh Sage on Facebook.  She’s the owner of a Facebook group called The Branding Kitchen.  Obviously, it’s about branding – something I’m passionate about and that I do for my clients, so I requested to join.  Fresh Sage is a business that helps entrepreneurs, specifically coaches and mentors, to create beautiful brands through designing their visual identities.  Emma’s specialties are creating amazing colour palettes and designing gorgeous logos.  Even though I wasn’t in her ideal client spectrum, she granted me membership to her group.

I’m a huge fan of the Fresh Sage brand and everything Emma has created for herself and her clients.  I had to reach out to her for an interview and she happily obliged.

Below is the interview

Q:  Briefly tell us about your business journey.  (What helped you decide to start your own business?  What did you do before working for yourself?)

A:  My journey has been down a rather winding path.  It started with my career in corporate.  I “grew up” in the corporate HR space, and only discovered my creativity later on, but when I did, it felt like a whole new world opened up for me.

When I went on my own, my business continued evolving.  From strategic thinking, to internal branding, and each time I evolved / got frustrated, I would rebrand myself.  That was when I realised that I really loved the process of rebranding, and instead of shifting my brand, it made more sense to help my clients shift theirs.

So, I started working with entrepreneurs, and I’ve been playing in that space for over a year now.


Q:  What was the process you followed when starting to set up your brand?

A:  Considering you recently attended my Brand Bake Off, you’ll know that my process is an organic one.  It starts with clarity and the direction you want to take your brand.  From there, we make it visual [with a moodboard] to make sure we encapsulate your brand story, and then it’s about working with all the elements to create a consistent message:  Colours, Fonts, Logo, patterns, textures, images and other icons/elements.


Q:  How do you manage your branding and make sure everything you do (from business cards, to packaging, to branding collateral) keeps in line with your brand?

A:  I have found that having a brand guide helps me stay consistent and delivering the same message [especially when I’m working with so many other brands – it gets tempting to fudge their brand into my own].

So, having templates for my own brand has not only kept me consistent, but also saved me a bunch of time!


Q:  How do you manage your social media commitments?

A:  Skilfully – lol!  I found that I got sucked up into a zillion spaces.  But then I needed to have a word with myself!  So, I got intentional about where and how I wanted to show up.


Q:  How do you motivate yourself to keep going when your inner critic’s voice gets a bit too loud?

A:  I remember my why.

I remember that the purpose behind what I do [helping build women’s confidence so that they can shine their awesome selves] is way more important than my issues!


Q:  What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned since you started your business?

A:  I have learnt that by whipping my #AwesomeSauce into what I do I am not only being authentic in my brand, but I’m also attracting the right clients to me!

A Special Announcement from Fresh Sage


Because I believe in paying it forward, and I believe that a little bit of Emma magic could help your business and brand enormously, I’m letting you know about the next round of the Brand Bake Off.  Emma has decided to run the programme again starting on 17 June and the cut-off date for enrollment is 16 May.  She’s introduced a payment plan to make it affordable for those who could really use her guidance.  This programme is amazing value, as you get 1:1 time with Emma and she takes you through the process so that you never feel overwhelmed.

If you’d like to find out more about her programme, click here.

If you do decide to sign up, please tell her Melissa sent you. It’s my way of paying it forward because Emma has done so much for me, and continues to give generously to her community.
You can find Emma on Instagram here, on Facebook here, and at The Branding Kitchen here.
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