The Services Page on your website holds information about the services you offer and lets your potential clients know how you can help them.  I’m calling this a “Services Page”, because it’s what I call it when I’m discussing websites with clients.

You may think that what you do is obvious and doesn’t need explanation.  That’s because you work in that industry every day and it’s likely that you have a better understanding of the intricacies of your field than your potential clients do.

You may be in an industry that isn’t widely understood, especially if you work with technology or in the creative industries.  By clarifying what it is that you offer, and helping your audience to understand how you can assist them, they may be more likely to reach out to you.


Explain Who Your Services are For

When creating service offerings, you already have in mind the kind of person or business you’d like to work with as clients.

Tell those people that you work with them and that your services are suited to them.  They might think that your services are not for them because they simply might not know that they need what you do.

Explain how your services can benefit those you wish to work with.  It’s possible that your potential clients don’t understand your industry well enough to see how they can use your services.  Making it clearer for them benefits both parties.


Your Services Page Helps Your Audience Understand What You Do

By stating what you do, what you don’t do is also explained.  You may be a photographer, but you choose not to shoot weddings.  You may be a fashion designer, but you don’t create children’s wear or menswear.  Images of your products or services help your audience to understand the scope of what you offer.

Categorise your services or products.  If you sell jewellery, categorise your items under “necklaces”, “bracelets”, and “earrings” for example.  If you are an event planner, state the subcategories of your service, examples:  “event styling”, “décor rental” and “event management”.

This helps your audience to understand how they can work with you and how exactly your services or products fulfil their needs.


Use Your Services Page to Help You Get Some Clarity about What You Offer

As entrepreneurs, we want to do more and more things, offer more services, and sell a wider variety of products.  This isn’t healthy for your business or your sanity.  By putting your offerings onto paper, you can get some clarity for yourself about what you would like your business to offer and what you would prefer not to do.

It’s perfectly acceptable not to want to do all the different kinds of work that fall into your industry.  Offering 15-20 services tends to lead to burnout, and there isn’t enough time in the average week to perform and improve all those skills.  The more specialised you choose your services to be, the better the resulting work product will be.

When you are clear about what you offer, you’re also of better service to the right client.  You’re also able to decide with a clear conscience on which projects to take on and which to decline.


Crafting a great Services page can help you feel more confident in the services you offer and helps your potential clients understand how you can be of service to them.

melissa de klerk

Melissa De Klerk

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Melissa is the owner and creative brain behind Fox & Owl Media. She loves creating content strategies and has considerable experience with Website Design and Brand Management.

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