I enjoy social media, not only because I chose this avenue of entrepreneurship for myself, but because I love seeing how it benefits business in so many ways.

When I chat to prospective clients about their social media presence, a lot of the same arguments against social media come up.

Here are a few examples:

“What if my competitors see what I’m doing?”

“I have a service-based business, I don’t have content to put out there.”

“We don’t have time for social media.”

“I have no ideas for posts.”

“I’m just starting my business, I can’t give anything away for free.”

“I’m never at my computer.”

“I don’t understand Facebook.”

“My husband runs my social media.  We don’t need help.”


I’m going to address these concerns here.


1.  “What if my competitors see what I’m doing?”

The function of social media is to broadcast and get as many people as possible looking at your content and your brand’s work.  You love your brand and are proud of the work you do.  Why wouldn’t you want to share this on social media?

Audiences love brands who have a strong personality and who create fun, unique and engaging content.  If your competitors see what you’re doing, that’s even better – it may encourage them to up their game, which can definitely lead to the improvement of your industry.

2.  “I have a service-based business, I don’t have content to put out there.”

Posting photographs of happy clients may not be something you want to do.  And that’s perfectly fine.  And when you’re starting out, you may not have happy clients yet.  What’s more successful is sharing content from leaders in your industry, or creating pretty images of quotes from writers you love and influencers in your industry.

3.  “We don’t have time for social media.”

You are an entrepreneur and this is a completely valid concern.  Your time is much better spent running your business and doing the work that gets you paid.  We understand and empathise with this one.  We may be able to help you out here.  Drop me an email – I’d love to hear from you.

4.  “I have no ideas for Facebook posts.”

You know your industry better than your audience does.  You know your work better than your audience does.  What may seem boring or obvious to you might be new information to your fans.  If your work is a bit different to what others in your industry are doing, even better!  You then have an interesting point of view and that can be a goldmine for content.

5.  “I’m just starting my business, I can’t give anything away for free.”

Don’t think of social media as “giving stuff away for free.”  Think of it as building a relationship with your fans.  Think of it as building your brand in an accessible way.  Think of it as a way to build your reputation, which is often what sells one brand above another.

6.  “I’m never at my computer.”

You need to see clients and your job involves being away from a desk for most of the day.  That’s understandable.  Despite the apps that are available for smartphones, you may still feel that social media is a time-suck.  This is completely true and I won’t try to convince you otherwise.  I am happy to help you out with the task and even show you how I can make this less of a chore for you.

7.  “I don’t understand Facebook.”

Let’s just get this out of the way now:  I love you for admitting this.  So many people think they understand how Facebook works, and before they know it, they have made a controversial remark in a public forum where they thought they were just posting on their friend’s wall.  Netiquette is a real thing, guys.

8.  “My husband runs my social media.  We don’t need help.”

We have nothing to say.  You win this one.

melissa de klerk

This series of blog posts is my participation in Sam Posselt’s 7 Day Blogging Challenge.  Her website can be found here.

Day 6 – 8 November 2016:  Today’s prompt instructs participants to write a post that ties into participants’ current blogging and content plan.

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