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We are a digital media and branding boutique specialising in website design, social media and brand development.

This is our corner of the internet and we are happy to have you here.  We are fuelled by passion and tea – lots of tea.  Our vantage points are the tops of trees while we keep our ears to the ground.  Pairing intelligence and strategy is how we bring out the best in your business.

We live online and know that digital media is always switched on.  Your brand needs constant and strategic nurturing to be able to contribute value to your industry and the marketplace.

We would love to show you how we can add value to your brand.

We do our best work when intelligence meets strategy.  The best intelligence (or information) is worthless if it’s not used or applied strategically.  The reverse is true too.  A strategy without sound research and information to work from is unlikely to be effective.  We love working in the gap between information and strategic implementation.

We believe that every business should develop their brand personality, tell their stories online and create loyal fans and a community around their brand.  We love helping you do that.

Chat to us – we are happy to meet you for a cup of tea.

The Owner and Creative Director of Fox & Owl Media is Melissa De Klerk.

She loves the work she does and she immerses herself fully in the business.  She spends a considerable amount of time learning about business, entrepreneurship, digital media, brand development, social media marketing, as well as website design and development.  This is so that she can offer the best service to her clients.

One of Melissa’s longest-standing passions is writing.  She also enjoys learning.  She is able to combine these two loves and writes about what she learns.  You can find her writing on the blog.

We would love to chat to you

Let's meet for a cup of tea to chat about how we can best serve your brand.
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